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Contribute to building a new social order based on human dignity and social justice.
Work with a preferential option for the vulnerable and exploited, both locally and globally. Build a cadre of young, competent professionals having a global perspective and a strong value base of compassion, personal integrity, moderation, tolerance and self-respect.

About Us

The College of Social Work was founded in 1955 by a religious society of Catholic Christian women, known as The Daughters of the Heart of Mary, whose charism is to readily respond to felt needs of the people according to the signs of the times. 

In the years following the independence of India, the founders discerned that the nation’s struggle for development would be served not so much by material relief as by sensitive social concern and insightful committed action. Accordingly the College was born to realize their dream. The Institute of Social Service Trust managed the College till 1978. Since 1978, the Nirmala Niketan Institute >>

from the PRINCIPAL's desk

Message from the Principal

‘The highest law of love is service’ is the motto of the College of Social Work.

The College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan has shaped its vision in tune with the spirit of its founders to contribute to the building up of a new social order in India based on human dignity and social justice. The College is committed to work with a preferential option for the vulnerable and marginalised groups in society to ensure their development and empowerment.

The College offers a range of courses relevant to the field of social work education and practice such as a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. programme in Social Work. In addition there are a number of short term courses which help students to be better equipped with theory, practice and skills in utilising social work intervention. The College lays importance on ethical practice and the principles of Professional Social Work in working with individuals, families, groups, communities.

Under article 30(1) of the Constitution of India, the college has received the catholic minority status since 1995 and thus has 50 percent seats reserved for the catholic minority, As an academic institution our goal is to build a cadre of professional social workers, irrespective of caste, creed and sex, equipped with a keen intellectual ability to analyse the complex social reality and to effectively intervene as catalysts of social change at multiple levels in society. The college thus admits everyone without discrimination, on the basis of merit, interest and other legal provisions.

Besides the regular theory inputs the students are given grounded field work experience under the mentorship of the faculty members. The academic, co circular, extra-curricular activities keep the college vibrant. Students are encouraged to participate actively and take advantage of the many opportunities offered, so that they can develop into self-confident, responsible and committed social workers, capable of bringing about a change in promoting justice and development.

The College has initiated several field action projects in the areas of children, women, rural, communal harmony, disability, disaster management, dowry, housing, domestic work and other emerging areas of social concern.

The college has been awarded the grade of academic excellence by the National Accreditation and Assessment Cell (NAAC) the highest score in all the three cycles. In 2001 the College was awarded a five star status; in 2007 the College was awarded an A+ with an Institutional Score of 93 percent and in 2015 it was reaccredited (Third Cycle) with A Grade (3.53 CGPA out of 4)  valid up to 2022.

We are happy to announce that on 12th Feb 2019 The University Grants Commission has provided conferment of Autonomous Status to the College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan for a period of ten years w.e.f 2019-2020 to 2028-2029.In the NIRF 2020 ranking the College of Social Work has secured 62nd position in College Category.


With the Autonomous status we plan to introduce add-on credit courses such as Art Based Therapy, Basic Research Skills for grass root social workers, Advance research in qualitative and quantitative methods, Media and Communication, Social Entrepreneurships skills enhancing livelihood. Efforts are made to initiate field projects with the goal of capacity building for the elderly and persons with disability, livelihood programmes for tribal youth and women and a Leadership Training centre for youth.

I am grateful for the commitment and sincere efforts of each and every member of the Management, students, alumni, NGO partners, field work organisations, Teaching, Administrative and Support staff which help us to strive higher in keeping alive the quality of the institute. We are confident that we will continue to forge ahead and break new patterns while addressing the various concerns of our contemporary society.

Dr. Lidwin Dias
In-Charge Principal